Elizabeth Farrell is a Project Designer at Pollen Architecture and Design in Austin, Texas. She holds a M.Arch from the University of Texas at Austin, and a B.S.Arch. from the University of Virginia. Prior to joining Pollen, Elizabeth collaborated with West Shop Design and Danze Blood Architects in Austin. Before moving to Texas, she worked as a Project Designer for O’Brien & Keane in Arlington, Virginia. In spring of 2016, Elizabeth served as a Lecturer at UTSOA for Design II undergraduate studio, and enjoys returning to UTSOA periodically for design reviews. In 2015 she was a co-coordinator and instructor for the UTSOA Summer Academy in Architecture.

In 2017, Elizabeth co-founded TwoPlus Collaborative with Clare van Montfrans, a design partnership exploring the potential of human scale interventions in public space. Their installation Blind Spot was installed as part of Creek Show 2017 in Austin, Texas.